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Welcome to Caity Fan, your online resource dedicated to the actress Caity Lotz. You may know Daisy from her roles in "The Machine", "The Pack 1 & 2" and her part in the CW shows as Sara Lance in Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow. It is our aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Caity’s career. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Arrow “7×12 – Emerald Archer” HD Screen Captures

Monday night was the 150th episode of Arrow called 7×12 – Emerald Archer and a lot of old face’s from the last 7 years made a stop by including a surprise appearance by Caity as Arrow’s Sara who talked about her dad and losing him, Am I the only one who thinks that there are two Srar’s the Legends one who has not one time this year talked about her dad or anything like that and is happy and all that and the Arrow Sara who is sad and more like can she first was in the show and real or is it just me. Over 30 HD screen captures from the episode are now up in the gallery

– Arrow > Season Seven > Blu-Ray Screen Capture > 7×12 – Emerald Archer

Legends Of Tomorrow Renewed For A Season 5

So looks like I was way out on the time frame that the CW shows would be renewed as the CW surprised us all and Legends Of Tomorrow has been renewed for a 5th season, The news was announced the other day at the CW TCA where the network president CW chief Mark Pedowitz. No more news on the number of episodes or air date’s but we may get that at the Upfronts in May

Arrow “2×12 – 2×15” Blu-Ray Screen Captures

With not a lot going on with Caity right now I have got round to doing the next lot 1080p blu-ray screen captures from episodes 2×12 – Tremors, 2×13 – Heir to the Demon, 2×15 – The Promise and 2×14 – Time of Death from Arrow season two into the gallery. My job is going to be going crazy for the next three weeks so I will only be doing updates at the weekends unless some big Caity news come’s out before then.

– Arrow > Season Two > Blu-Ray Screen Capture > 2×12 – Tremors
– Arrow > Season Two > Blu-Ray Screen Capture > 2×13 – Heir to the Demon
– Arrow > Season Two > Blu-Ray Screen Capture > 2×15 – The Promise
– Arrow > Season Two > Blu-Ray Screen Capture > 2×14 – Time of Death

Season 4 Of Legends Of Tomorrow Has Wrapped

Earlier this week Caity and some of the rest of the cast photos some on set candids from the last episode of Legents Of Tomorrow season 4 and now all the cast have officially wrapped for the season, There is no word yet on if we will get a season 5 but I would not think we will hear about that till last on this year about May time but till then remember that the Legends will be back some time in April.

– Legends Of Tomorrow > Season Four > On Set > Other

Exclusive Soccx Photos

I have a nice little treat for you all tonight, I managed to get my hands on some old photos of Caity back from her Soccx’s days in full HQ and as far as I no these have not been seen before or if they have not in HQ. The first is from a CD Release Party Berlin and the other is from backstage at a show I think it was for RSH Radio. Enjoy these photos of Caity.

– Other Projects > Music > Soccx > Performancs > CD Release Party Berlin
– Other Projects > Music > Soccx > Misc > Backstage At A Show

Caity Added To Heroes & Villains Fan Fest London 2019

Caity has just been added into the guest list of the upcoming Convention Heroes & Villains Fan Fest London that will take place next year from 25th – 26th May 2019. Tickets start at £37.50 for a day upt £900.00 for Platinum VIP, At this time the photoshoots are not out but she was £60 last time so I would say she should be the same or a little bit more, her auto again last time was £40. You can fine out more info and to book Here . I did go this year and meet Caity but with it costing far far far more then any other UK con I don’t no if I will be going to this one or not 🙁

‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Caity Lotz on “Embracing the Crazy” & the Show’s Creative Renaissance

Collider – The CW hit show Legends of Tomorrow has always been the “little engine that could” among the Arrowverse shows, overcoming a jumbled (OK, crappy) Season 1 to become arguably the best DC TV property going. The decision to ditch the ultra-serious themes of Season 1 and lean into the wackier comedic parts of the show has proven to be a winning strategy. It’s become a self-aware, meta madhouse, sort of like a PG-13 TV version of Deadpool. On a recent visit to the show set in Vancouver, the cast dished what makes the show so much fun to watch. First up: the fearless leader of the Waverider, series lead Caity Lotz (Sara Lance):

QUESTION: The Waverider is in a state of flux with all the new crew members. How is Sara adjusting her leadership skills to the new dynamic?
CAITY LOTZ: It’s definitely hard. I think it’s becoming more and more like Sara has to be the mom with this bunch of kids, and it’s difficult for her because you’re constantly trying to manage all these different personalities and you have to be the one who has your sh*t together all the time so everyone else can freak out or have fun or do this and that. You have to keep it cool, so I think it’s hard for her and yeah, the new members of the team are constantly shaking things up and some of the newer people have their own agendas, so it is a difficult thing to try to manage.

QUESTION: With Sara’s relationship with Ava, and also being captain of the Waverider, she has kind of found this really stable place in her life. So where do you think the character can grow from here now that she’s essentially achieved her happily ever after, despite all the craziness that’s going on?
LOTZ: Yeah well, I mean that’s definitely a boring character if they have nowhere to go and if they have achieved everything. So, I think there needs to be more for Sara than just like being in a relationship, and we’re trying to find it. I mean it’s interesting because Sara’s done so much and changed and grown and it’s like, okay, what else do you do? I mean, I want like magic powers or something. That’s what I’m pitching, so we’ll see.

QUESTION: What’s the experience been like portraying a bisexual woman as the lead of a network television show? It’s pretty rare.
LOTZ: I was just thinking about how nowadays it would be like “If you’re not really bi then you shouldn’t be playing that character.” So sometimes I think maybe my character could have been even better if I was bisexual. And who knows, maybe I still might be: I’m not married. But it’s been an amazing experience. It’s always been my favorite part of playing Sara. Not only because it makes her more complicated and layered, but also because I feel like I’m actually doing something good by being able to be that representation on TV, for all the young men and women who don’t understand their sexuality, or do and it’s not accepted. Or just that they haven’t been able to see themselves on TV, to be able to see a character that reflects who they are. I think that is so important and that they should have that. Everyone should have that. So, I felt very lucky to bring something that wasn’t present enough and to kind of be a part of the hopeful fix for that.

Legends Of Tomorrow “4×08 – Legends of To-Meow-Meow” HD Screen Captures

On Monday night the mid season finale of Legends Of Tomorrow was on and what a just crazy and odd episode it was, Now the bad news is Legends will now not be back till April 2019 and that sucks for us all, I have added in over 300 HD Screen Captures to the gallery so enjoy!

– Legends Of Tomorrow > Season Four > HD Screen Capture > 4×08 – Legends of To-Meow-Meow

Legends Of Tomorrow “4×07 – Hell No, Dolly!” HD Screen Captures

Sorry all I had these in the gallery but forgot to do the main site update, But here is HD Screen Captures from last week’s all new Legends Of Tomorrow 4×07 – Hell No, Dolly! enjoy!

– Legends Of Tomorrow > Season Four > HD Screen Capture > 4×07 – Hell No, Dolly!