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Hello and Welcome to Caity Lotz Fan the longest running fansite dedicated to the talented actress Caity Lotz. She's probably most known for her roles as 'Sara Lance' in the CW series Arrow and all its spin off Legends Of Tomorrow that is now going in to it's 6th season, as the robot 'Ava' in the movie The Machine and as 'Annie' in The Pack 1 & 2. Our aim is to provide you with all the latest news, images, career updates and other relevant information regarding Caity as they happen.
January 21, 2021  abby No comments Events

Some time ago Caity did a Virtual Experiences comic Con for Speedy Comics Con Comic-con Dubai and at last I have found her panel video from the days. Caity is in one panel with Katie Cassidy, Courtney Ford & randon Routh. and one other with her Legends co-stars Brandon Routh, Jes Macallen, Courtney Ford, Maisie Richardson-Sellers & Adam Tsekham So please enjoy!

January 21, 2021  abby No comments Events, Videos

Caity and CW star from the 100 Lindsey Morgan present the “ Best Actor in an Action movie” and “Best Actress in an Action movie” categories at the Critics Choice Awards online.

January 01, 2021  abby No comments Gallery, TV Shows

in 2013 Caity had a very very small guest staring part in the comedy series that is a spoof of reality dating competition shows Burning Love in episode 3×14 – Burn Baby Burn as one of Hathwell’s Dates. As I said it was a small part and she was only there for a couple of minutes. But I have added in HD screen captures from the little part into the gallery for you all so enjoy.

December 27, 2020  abby No comments Interviews, Legends Of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow actors Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, Nick Zano, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Tala Ashe, Jes Macallan, Matt Ryan, Adam Tsekhman and Courtney Ford gave a virtual panel through Wizard World Virtual Experiences 2020 to talk about the show, their careers and answer fan questions.

Caity Lotz is Sarah Lance aka White Canary on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which is a character she’s also played on The Flash, Arrow, Batwoman and Supergirl. She’s also known for The Machine, 400 Days, The Pact, Mad Men and Death Valley.

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Actress Caity Lotz joined Cosmo for an episode of ‘Stir Crazy’ where she created a cocktail using tequila, frothed egg whites and oat milk.

December 27, 2020  abby No comments Interviews

Today’s guest on the pod is Caity Lotz. Many of you know her from her role of Sara Lance on Arrow/DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but today we’re going to find out just how she did it! Caity has a pretty interesting back story of how she broke into the entertainment biz, and the path that lead her to auditioning (and almost not getting) the role of Sara Lance. She talks about how that role evolved to one of the lead characters on a successful spin-off show, to how she got interested/started in directing. Caity also answers this week’s most popular question of if she’d let a snail chase her around the world for $10 million dollars! Oh, and she’s also faced with a really tough edition of Zaco’s hypothetical fight, because Sara Lance is one of the competitors! Will she bet against herself?

December 27, 2020  abby No comments Gallery

Way back in 2011 Caity got her first full time main show in MTV’S very short lived Death Valley were she played Officer Kirsten Landry the new officer in the UTF, she is happy, sweet and trying to make a name for her self but ends up getting it wrong all the time but man can she kick ass. As I said it was a very short show with only 12 episode’s made and Caity only being in 11 of them but as the show did end on a big cliffhanger they were looking at having a season 2 but the show got cancelled before that could happen. It has taken me some time but I found all episode’s in full 1080p quality so I hope you enjoy all the episode’s as well as promo photos, on set photos and some posters I have added into the galley.

December 26, 2020  abby No comments Gallery, Legends Of Tomorrow

And we are at last here the end of season 5 and all the main site updates are at last done, I will with season 6 do main updates as they air so I don’t get in this mess again. The season finale was a good end to the season with Sara getting her eye sight back, losing two of the two main cast about with Maisie Richardson-Sellers leaving the show and the original Zari having to go back into the totem to save her brother and at the end Sara getting kidnapped by aliens so season 6 will see her being away from the legends and trying to get home. HD Screen captures from a all new episode of Legends Of Tomorrow 5×15 – Swan Thong to the gallery, enjoy!,

December 26, 2020  abby No comments Gallery, Legends Of Tomorrow

8 new episode stills from 5×15 – Swan Thong released and added to the gallery. With thanks to Far Far Away for the HQ stills.

Still controlled by the Fates, the Legends find themselves in a 1984-esque world where they soon discover that things aren’t as they thought they would be. The Legends must convince the civilians to trust them and stand up for their right to choose, but the Fates don’t make it easy by resurrecting the Encores once again.

December 26, 2020  abby No comments Gallery, Legends Of Tomorrow

HD Screen captures from a all new episode of Legends Of Tomorrow 5×14 – The One Where We’re Trapped on TVs to the gallery, and my god was this a odd episode and then some. enjoy!,

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