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Legends Of Tomorrow May Sweeps Preview and Finale Spoilers

Written by abby on April 30 2019

TV Line – PRE-FINALE: April 29 delivers “the culmination of the Nate and Zari romance that we’ve been teasing,” by way of an adventure that mixes Indiana Jones with Date Night and features knowingly cartoonish Nazis, EP Phil Klemmer tells us. That hour also serves as a palette-cleansing “fake season premiere,” seeing as the Legends think they’ve dispatched with their Big Bad. (As if!) Next up, Constantine gets a lesson in “hubris upon hubris” when he comes face-to-face with his distant Celtic ancestor, King Konstentyn, at Stonehenge. From there, things go to Hell, literally, where the team’s damnation of magical baddies bites them in their collective butt. “The denizens of Hell are looking to get out and f—k up our team!” says Klemmer.

SEASON FINALE (May 20): In this season’s showdown (which features a returning villain and “one of our own sort of turning on us”), Beebo will not save the day. Rather, says Klemmer, “Our guys will have to do it on their own — and in a very public way,” setting the stage for a larger question of identity. “Sara has a line about the world wanting brand-name superheroes, and the Legends aren’t that. So it’s about them grappling with imposter syndrome. They need to decide, ‘Do we need to be like our brethren on these other shows? Because otherwise the world won’t take us seriously.’” Also look for (overdue!) closure on Zari’s quest to “fix” her world’s future.

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