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Caity Lotz talks’Legends,’ Lady Gaga and helping other women

Written by abby on April 21 2019

Windy city media group – On Monday, April 1, at 7 p.m. CT, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will resume its fourth season on The CW, entertaining viewers with its colorful characters and unconventional adventures. ( The show is a spinoff featuring characters introduced in Arrow and The Flash along with new characters. ) Caity Lotz returns as Sara Lance/White Canary—an assassin who is the team leader. In a recent interview with Windy City Times, Lots discussed being on the show, dancing with Lady Gaga and being associated with the pro-women’s group Shethority.

Windy City Times: You have a very interesting resume. Many know you as an actress, but you’re also a singer and a dancer—and you’ve been a backup dancer for Lady Gaga. What was that like?
Caity Lotz: She’s awesome! I was really impressed by her. I remember arriving on the set of the “Paparazzi” video at five in the morning—and she was already full Gaga; she was wearing underwear, fishnet, heels and this crazy sweater. Now that she’s been acting for a while, she seems like “Gaga.” But I had a good time dancing with her.

WCT: Moving on to Legends of Tomorrow, congrats on the renewal.
CL: Thank you. We’re excited to tell another season of stories.

WCT: I know you can’t give me details, under penalty of death. [Lotz laughs.] However, are there any general items you can tell me about the second half of the fourth season?
CL: Yes! There are some really cool episodes, such as a Bollywood episode that might be one of my favorites. Then, there’s some cool dancing with me and Jes [Macallan, who plays Time Bureau Director—and Sara’s girlfriend—Ava Sharpe]. Basically, all the craziness you’re hoping for is coming.

WCT: One of the things I like about this show is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.
CL: Yes, but we do take risks.

WCT: What are some of your favorite Legends episodes from the past?
CL: Hmmm… I always love our Western episodes. What else? Sometimes we get great outfits to wear. The death totem one was plenty fun and—oh!—the shogun episode was one of my favorites; the sword-fighting was awesome.

WCT: There was one episode that had three of you in a take on Charlie’s Angels…
CL: … where we’re puppets. Yes.

WCT: Kudos to the writers.
CL: For sure. In TV, it’s all about the writers. They’re the ones doing all the magic.

WCT: Regarding the relationship between your character and Ava, I love that it’s treated like any other relationship. There’s no big deal about it.
CL: Yes—and it’s a healthy relationship. You have two powerful women who are both leaders in what they do, and who are both very career-oriented. They try to balance their work lives and their relationship. I like that the relationship hasn’t been about fighting or cheating; it’s just about them trying to balance everything—but they just want to support and love each other.

WCT: I didn’t know that Constantine [played by Matt Ryan] had been in a same-sex relationship.
CL: Oh, yeah; his character is pretty fluid, because Sara and Constantine hooked up. They both are more pansexual, I think; it’s just about the person, not their gender or sex.

WCT: You’ve had some interesting guest stars on this show. If you had the power, who would like to be on the show for one episode?
CL: There are so many. I think it’d be interesting for Stephen [Amell, who stars on Arrow] to go full Legend; that’d be fun. Also, I’d like to get my friends from the other [CW] shows to come on to Legends.

WCT: You portray a very strong character and, in real life, you’re connected with the group Shethority ( ).
CL: Yes. Candice Patton, from The Flash, and I were meeting fans who were dealing with a lot of stuff—like societal pressures, body-image issues, depression and other things. So we thought about how to better connect with people, and came up with this idea.

We made a website and Instagram page where people can share their stories and feel like they have this sense of community. I think each one of us has a story to tell; by sharing their stories, we’re able to lift each other up as women. So, [Candice and I] got together with all the other women from the superhero shows, and they down with being involved. It’s cool to connect with the fans, and have them connect with each other.

Caity Lotz talks’Legends,’ Lady Gaga and helping other women

Legends of Tomorrow cast previews the ‘crazy’ Bollywood musical number

Written by abby on March 30 2019 From Beebo to the delirious Puppets of Tomorrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the Arrowverse’s brilliantly zany time travel drama, is always testing the boundaries of what’s possible within a network superhero series. That experimentation reaches a new peak in the April 15 episode, “Séance and Sensibility,” which boats an extravagant Bollywood musical number — and EW is debuting exclusive new photos from the show-stopper above and below.

“A lot of [our ideas] come from a place of not self-destruction but trying to figure out the most difficult thing you could try to do,” showrunner Phil Klemmer. “And I’d definitely count this among the hardest things I’ve ever attempted.”

In the episode, the Legends travel to Regency-era England chasing a time fugitive who precipitates an outbreak of unbridled lust that inadvertently causes Jane Austen to abandon writing. The romance in the air has a profound effect on Zari (Tala Ashe), who is typically guarded but succumbs to the magic.

“We just wanted to use this conceit as as a way of understanding why Zari keeps all of her feelings contained and what it would be like if they came out in a giant explosion,” says Klemmer.

The result? A full-blown Bollywood set-piece featuring original music and lyrics. “Usually we just fit something crazy into our story; [here] the entire story becomes something crazy,” says Caity Lotz, who plays Sara Lance/White Cannary.

When Ashe was told about the routine, the first thing she told the writers was: “We need to rehearse the crap out of this,” she says. “I feel I know how to sing, but I don’t feel like I know how to dance. I’m not sure if I ever got comfortable with it, but I was able to get through the moves in a reasonable way.” But Lotz, who has a background in dance, was dying to do more. “The [background] dancers are, like, running around and flipping. I’m like, ‘Let me do that part!’ says Lotz with a laugh.

Fun fact: This isn’t the first time Ashe has been part of a Bollywood musical act on television. Seven years ago, she recurred on Smash and was part of the NBC musical drama’s big Bollywood-themed number “A Thousand and One Nights.”this link opens in a new tab From Ashe’s perspective, though, “they were essentially different experiences” and their similarities began and ended with aesthetics.

“In the Smash one, it was really fun and really incredible to be dancing alongside Anjelica Huston,” says Ashe. “This one was really, really character based for me and Zari’s story. It kind of starts in the world of Jane Austen and Regency-era, and then in the wonderful, crazy Legends way, we land in Bollywood. But all of it, at least in my mind, made sense for the evolution of Zari’s character.”

She continues: “It was more challenging in a great way, and I’m really grateful to Phil and the writers, who in both the past two seasons have challenged me in really exciting ways.”

So is this the last time Legends will embrace its musical side, or do the future hold an even bigger song-and-dance routine? “This episode has encouraged us to try something more ambitious, although it’s not necessarily a musical episode,” says Klemmer. “I’d rather do a music video episode.”

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‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Caity Lotz on “Embracing the Crazy” & the Show’s Creative Renaissance

Written by abby on December 16 2018

Collider – The CW hit show Legends of Tomorrow has always been the “little engine that could” among the Arrowverse shows, overcoming a jumbled (OK, crappy) Season 1 to become arguably the best DC TV property going. The decision to ditch the ultra-serious themes of Season 1 and lean into the wackier comedic parts of the show has proven to be a winning strategy. It’s become a self-aware, meta madhouse, sort of like a PG-13 TV version of Deadpool. On a recent visit to the show set in Vancouver, the cast dished what makes the show so much fun to watch. First up: the fearless leader of the Waverider, series lead Caity Lotz (Sara Lance):

QUESTION: The Waverider is in a state of flux with all the new crew members. How is Sara adjusting her leadership skills to the new dynamic?
CAITY LOTZ: It’s definitely hard. I think it’s becoming more and more like Sara has to be the mom with this bunch of kids, and it’s difficult for her because you’re constantly trying to manage all these different personalities and you have to be the one who has your sh*t together all the time so everyone else can freak out or have fun or do this and that. You have to keep it cool, so I think it’s hard for her and yeah, the new members of the team are constantly shaking things up and some of the newer people have their own agendas, so it is a difficult thing to try to manage.

QUESTION: With Sara’s relationship with Ava, and also being captain of the Waverider, she has kind of found this really stable place in her life. So where do you think the character can grow from here now that she’s essentially achieved her happily ever after, despite all the craziness that’s going on?
LOTZ: Yeah well, I mean that’s definitely a boring character if they have nowhere to go and if they have achieved everything. So, I think there needs to be more for Sara than just like being in a relationship, and we’re trying to find it. I mean it’s interesting because Sara’s done so much and changed and grown and it’s like, okay, what else do you do? I mean, I want like magic powers or something. That’s what I’m pitching, so we’ll see.

QUESTION: What’s the experience been like portraying a bisexual woman as the lead of a network television show? It’s pretty rare.
LOTZ: I was just thinking about how nowadays it would be like “If you’re not really bi then you shouldn’t be playing that character.” So sometimes I think maybe my character could have been even better if I was bisexual. And who knows, maybe I still might be: I’m not married. But it’s been an amazing experience. It’s always been my favorite part of playing Sara. Not only because it makes her more complicated and layered, but also because I feel like I’m actually doing something good by being able to be that representation on TV, for all the young men and women who don’t understand their sexuality, or do and it’s not accepted. Or just that they haven’t been able to see themselves on TV, to be able to see a character that reflects who they are. I think that is so important and that they should have that. Everyone should have that. So, I felt very lucky to bring something that wasn’t present enough and to kind of be a part of the hopeful fix for that.

The ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Stars Caity Lotz and Brandon Routh Tease A Two-Part Midseason Finale

Written by abby on November 30 2018

Comicbook – In the trailer for next week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the team finds itself pitted against a murderous doll.

Shades of Child’s Play aside, fans have already seen in trailers and on social media that puppet versions of some of the Legends will play a role in an upcoming episode, and during a recent visit to the set, series stars Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz teased a little bit of what to expect over the next two weeks.

“We have a fun episode with puppets in a few episodes, which are really fun,” Routh teased. “I have a lot of interaction with the puppets — different puppets, we have many different puppets on the show — and then also, we have a fun alternate reality episode, which will be the one that’s the finale before the midseason break….Not mystical creatures, necessarily, but some of the creatures from the past come back and make an appearance in that episode and we get to be crazy in different versions of ourselves, which is always fun.”

While Routh explains the two as separate entities, other members of the cast, including Lotz, described the episodes as a two-part midseason finale, with the puppets being one of a number of alternate-universe takes on the Legends that fans will see between now and the 2018 finale in two weeks.

“I’ve been to the recording studio twice this season, which is hilarious,” Lotz said. “There’s some music-like episodes. Episode 8 is a lot of fun. I wish you guys could just see it now. You see a different version of everyone, like a different version of the Legends for a couple different versions, and it’s really wild, and seeing a puppet me was pretty cool.”

In general terms, it seems as though the jaunt through reality will not be related to the similarly-themed “Elseworlds” crossover that will take over Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash in two weeks but will instead be more similar to last season’s “Here I Go Again,” in which Zari found herself stuck in a time loop and needed to bond with the team to save the Waverider and escape it. This time around, it would likely center on new member Charlie, although the exact details of how the dimensional shifts might work and who plays what roles were kept under wraps.

The initial season four trailer for Legends depicted the return of the puppet version of Martin Stein, created by Earth-X’s Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) in order to help the Legends deal with the then-recent loss of Stein during last year’s crossover event, “Crisis on Earth-X.” This time, Stein’s puppet seems to be alive, although it seems unlikely that Victor Garber will return to voice the role.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Star Caity Lotz on if Sara Will Address Her Father’s ‘Arrow’ Death

Written by abby on November 30 2018

Comicbook – The Arrowverse’s shows might be nearing their midseason finales, but it sounds like one connection between Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow might not be done quite yet.

During a recent visit to Legends’ set, Sara Lance actress Caity Lotz spoke to and other outlets about the death of Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne), which Sara was present for during Arrow’s season six finale. By and large, Quentin’s death hasn’t really been addressed in subsequent episodes of Legends, but Lotz hinted that it might come up in the future.

“You know, I don’t know. I may be going onto Arrow.” Lotz teased. “I don’t know. It’s something I think that could come back at any time, kind of. Because, obviously, when someone you love like your father passes away, that’s something that will affect your whole life. So even though we haven’t dealt with it now, I still think it’s possible that we would revisit it, but we haven’t yet. There’s so much to do in this season and in this world, and so many characters. It’s hard to fit it all in there, but I’d like to. I’d like to.”

Lotz has expressed a similar sentiment about that in the past, essentially saying that Sara’s main processing of her dad’s death happened in between Legends’ third and fourth seasons.

“I think it’s sometimes really hard something that happens on other shows onto your show.” Lotz explained back in July. “Our show is also a comedy now. It’s light and it’s fun, and your dad dying is not so much. Sara dealing with that takes place before the season starts. We talk about it a little.”

Even then, it’s safe to say that Sara has a lot on her plate at the moment, especially as she serves as the captain of the team as they hunt down magical fugitives.

“It’s definitely hard.” Lotz explained. “I think it’s becoming more and more like Sara has to be the mom with all these, like a bunch of kids, and it’s difficult for her because you’re constantly trying to manage all these different personalities, and you have to be the one who has your sh*t together all the time so everyone else can freak out or have fun and this and that, and you have to be the one that’s like, ‘Everything’s fine. Don’t worry. We’ll handle it. We’ll do this,’ even if inside you’re like, ‘Oh my God, what are we going to do?’ Like, you have to keep it cool. So I think it’s hard for her. And yeah, there’s just so many different personalities and new members of the team that are constantly shaking things up, and everybody kind of… Some of the newer people having their own agendas, it’s a difficult thing to try to manage.”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 on Set Interview With Caity

Written by abby on November 21 2018

Respect Her Shethority! Caity Lotz on ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ Sara’s Love Life & Her Sisterhood Site

Written by abby on November 10 2018 – The CW’s lovable group of action misfits from Legends of Tomorrow head into Season 4 tonight with a new member — Constantine (Matt Ryan), the demon hunter fans first met as the star of his own short-lived NBC drama — and a magical mess to clean up.

Having softened the barrier between worlds during their battle with demonic Mallus, the Legends have also freed a slew of mythical creatures at the end of last season, but thankfully, they have some solid leadership in the form of Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance.

Since we have been obsessed with Lotz since she first Canary’ed on Arrow and love the fact that she is finally front-and-center where she belongs, of course we took this chance to talk to the Arrowverse’s underrated powerhouse about taking control of the Waverider, why Season 4 is the best so far, and Shethority, the sisterhood haven she has created with some of her fellow superheroines.

OK, Captain! You have Constantine (Matty Ryan) joining the team and the formerly possessed Nora (Courtney Ford) coming back. So are you guys heading into a new dark direction?
Caity Lotz: Dark, maybe, in the sense of dark magic, but our show is all about fun. Dark is definitely not something we usually hear. [Laughs] But you know, actually, when I think about it, it is a little more… there’s a little bit more gore and horror and those elements in it. But we always keeps it still light, ’cause it’s a comedy, so all of us are just having fun with it.

Do you think that this season is the best?
I think so, yeah. You know how it kind of just started getting crazy? Where everyone was like “What is happening?” It’s that and even more. We just keep leaning into it. I don’t even know how the writers keep pulling it off, but every time we read a script it’s like “What is happening? This is amazing!”

Especially with such a big cast. The Wave Rider set is about to get more crowded when you’re all on set.
It definitely does, though I think this season the writers got really good at separating things. So instead of all of us on a mission together, it’s like we kind of spread out so there’s a lot more storylines that are happening. It’s like “This is happening and that’s happening, and then this is happening,” and all these three simultaneous storylines all flowing together. Which I think is actually really interesting.

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‘Arrowverse’ Stars Caity Lotz, Candice Patton on Their Empowerment Platform SheThority

Written by abby on November 10 2018 – Welcome to “Remote Controlled,” a podcast from Variety featuring the best and brightest in television, both in front of and behind the camera.

On this week’s episode, Variety‘s Debra Birnbaum talks with CW stars Caity Lotz and Candice Patton about their website SheThority. Lotz stars as Sara Lance — aka White Canary — on “Legends of Tomorrow.” Patton plays Iris West on another of the network’s DC Comics-inspired superhero dramas, “The Flash.”

The idea for SheThority grew from the experience that Lotz, Patton, and other actresses from the CW’s “Arrowverse” shows had working together on their annual crossover event.

“When we got together on the crossovers, we were like ‘Wow, this feels so nice,’” said Lotz. “We just started sharing stories of what we were going through, whether it’s personal or work, and everyone was able to offer advice, or what they had done to get to through something, or what had helped them.” The actresses discussed how they could expand that experience to include more women. “So we created SheThority as a platform for women to be able to share their experiences,” Lotz said.

Patton added that another inspiration was meeting female fans who were inspired by the “Arrowverse” characters to face challenges in their own lives. “We wanted to continue to have these conversations with these young girls and women who were identifying with us,” she said. “We just didn’t have that platform. So we wanted to create something where we could continue that conversation.”

– Appearances > 2018 > Remote Controlled

Legends of Tomorrow stars say Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ new role ‘messes everybody up’

Written by abby on November 04 2018 – The titular heroes time travelers of Legends of Tomorrow are about to encounter a familiar face.

In Monday’s episode, “Dancing Queen,” the Legends travel to ’70s punk rock London, where they meet Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ new character, Charlie, a magical fugitive who obviously looks like their former teammate Amaya. But if there’s one thing you should know, it’s that Charlie definitely isn’t Amaya.

“Everything Amaya is, Charlie is the opposite, so they would never get along,” Richardson-Sellers tells EW. “She’s snarky, she’s cheesy, she’s a bit of rebel, she’s a massive troublemaker, and she’s just out for herself. She doesn’t care about any collective or greater good, so she really shakes up the energy on the ship, and everyone’s a bit confused by her.” Needless to say, Charlie throws the Legends for a bit of a loop because she’s so different from Amaya, who returned to her timeline last season.

“It messes everybody up. It’s definitely weird, because it’s not Amaya at all. It looks like her, but it’s not like Amaya from Earth-X or something like that,” says Caity Lotz, who plays Sara Lance. “Everybody has a little bit of a different reaction. She kind of sheds some light on some stuff that the team, just being in the thick of it, hasn’t realized. So she’s shedding a new light on things that makes them think a little differently. I think for Sara, it’s the same with like [her sister’s Earth-2 doppelgänger] where you’re like, ‘You’re not my sister. You’re not Amaya.’ It’s hard and it’s confusing.”

Of course, Nate (Nick Zano) will have the hardest time dealing with Charlie, since he and Amaya were a couple. “At first, [Nate and Charlie’s relationship] is quite confrontational because she feels like she doesn’t owe Nate anything, and Nate is just furious. Then slowly as the season develops, they begin to find common ground,” says Richardson-Sellers. “It’s hard for Nate. I think she’s a constant reminder of everything that he’s lost and of his old life, so it definitely affects him on a deeper level. I’m interested to see how that pans out at the end of the season.”

Don’t worry, though, the show won’t drag out the mystery of why Charlie looks like Amaya until the end of the season. “That mystery we answer pretty quickly,” says executive producer Phil Klemmer. “The mystery of who she is beyond her appearance, though, will be something we’ll be exploring for the rest of the season.”

Caity On DC Daily

Written by abby on October 23 2018

The other interview from the press promo Caity did is from DC Daily , You can watch it below and caps will be coming soon.

Today on DC Daily, we have an exclusive interview with LEGENDS OF TOMORROW star Caty Lotz! Plus, a look at Lois Lane from the upcoming CW crossover, ELSEWORLDS. Don’t miss the season premiere of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, tonight on The CW!

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