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Going Away

Written by abby on May 16 2019

Hey all just a little update to say I will be going away tomorrow till Monday night for a con, so no updates on the site till I get back as I will not have my computer or laptop with me in this time

Welcome To Caity Fan

Written by abby on October 21 2018

Hello all and welcome to Caity Fan, your new and up to date fan site on the arrowverse actress City Lotz, I used to own Caity Lotz Fan back on a different host but we had problems with being locked out, add codes and then taking away domain names so I got my self a new host with no add’s and a new URL for the site and started over on a brand new site. The site is still not 100% done yet but I will be working on it in the coming week’s but the gallery is about 60% done at this time just have things like Arrow and some movies. I am looking for lot’s of new Affiliates for the site so if you would like to become one please send me a email.
I hope you all like the new site and please have a look about and come back Monday for the big Legends Of Tomorrow season 4 premier

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