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Legends Of Tomorrow “4×10 – The Getaway” HD Screen Captures

Written by abby on April 21 2019

As well as Arrow Caity was on her own show on Monday night as well with a all new episode of Legends Of Tomorrow called 4×11 – Séance and Sensibility and god do I think Legends has just lost it and please please please go back to how it was in season 1 and 2, I have added in HD Screen Captures to the gallery enjoy!

– Legends Of Tomorrow > Season Four > HD Screen Capture > 4×11 – Séance and Sensibility

Caity Lotz talks’Legends,’ Lady Gaga and helping other women

Written by abby on April 21 2019

Windy city media group – On Monday, April 1, at 7 p.m. CT, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will resume its fourth season on The CW, entertaining viewers with its colorful characters and unconventional adventures. ( The show is a spinoff featuring characters introduced in Arrow and The Flash along with new characters. ) Caity Lotz returns as Sara Lance/White Canary—an assassin who is the team leader. In a recent interview with Windy City Times, Lots discussed being on the show, dancing with Lady Gaga and being associated with the pro-women’s group Shethority.

Windy City Times: You have a very interesting resume. Many know you as an actress, but you’re also a singer and a dancer—and you’ve been a backup dancer for Lady Gaga. What was that like?
Caity Lotz: She’s awesome! I was really impressed by her. I remember arriving on the set of the “Paparazzi” video at five in the morning—and she was already full Gaga; she was wearing underwear, fishnet, heels and this crazy sweater. Now that she’s been acting for a while, she seems like “Gaga.” But I had a good time dancing with her.

WCT: Moving on to Legends of Tomorrow, congrats on the renewal.
CL: Thank you. We’re excited to tell another season of stories.

WCT: I know you can’t give me details, under penalty of death. [Lotz laughs.] However, are there any general items you can tell me about the second half of the fourth season?
CL: Yes! There are some really cool episodes, such as a Bollywood episode that might be one of my favorites. Then, there’s some cool dancing with me and Jes [Macallan, who plays Time Bureau Director—and Sara’s girlfriend—Ava Sharpe]. Basically, all the craziness you’re hoping for is coming.

WCT: One of the things I like about this show is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.
CL: Yes, but we do take risks.

WCT: What are some of your favorite Legends episodes from the past?
CL: Hmmm… I always love our Western episodes. What else? Sometimes we get great outfits to wear. The death totem one was plenty fun and—oh!—the shogun episode was one of my favorites; the sword-fighting was awesome.

WCT: There was one episode that had three of you in a take on Charlie’s Angels…
CL: … where we’re puppets. Yes.

WCT: Kudos to the writers.
CL: For sure. In TV, it’s all about the writers. They’re the ones doing all the magic.

WCT: Regarding the relationship between your character and Ava, I love that it’s treated like any other relationship. There’s no big deal about it.
CL: Yes—and it’s a healthy relationship. You have two powerful women who are both leaders in what they do, and who are both very career-oriented. They try to balance their work lives and their relationship. I like that the relationship hasn’t been about fighting or cheating; it’s just about them trying to balance everything—but they just want to support and love each other.

WCT: I didn’t know that Constantine [played by Matt Ryan] had been in a same-sex relationship.
CL: Oh, yeah; his character is pretty fluid, because Sara and Constantine hooked up. They both are more pansexual, I think; it’s just about the person, not their gender or sex.

WCT: You’ve had some interesting guest stars on this show. If you had the power, who would like to be on the show for one episode?
CL: There are so many. I think it’d be interesting for Stephen [Amell, who stars on Arrow] to go full Legend; that’d be fun. Also, I’d like to get my friends from the other [CW] shows to come on to Legends.

WCT: You portray a very strong character and, in real life, you’re connected with the group Shethority ( ).
CL: Yes. Candice Patton, from The Flash, and I were meeting fans who were dealing with a lot of stuff—like societal pressures, body-image issues, depression and other things. So we thought about how to better connect with people, and came up with this idea.

We made a website and Instagram page where people can share their stories and feel like they have this sense of community. I think each one of us has a story to tell; by sharing their stories, we’re able to lift each other up as women. So, [Candice and I] got together with all the other women from the superhero shows, and they down with being involved. It’s cool to connect with the fans, and have them connect with each other.

Caity Lotz talks’Legends,’ Lady Gaga and helping other women

Legends of Tomorrow “4X14 – Nip|Stuck” Press Release

Written by abby on April 21 2019

find a way to track him. When Sara (Caity Lotz) hesitates to make a tough call, Rory (Dominic Purcell) steps up creating a wedge in the team. Meanwhile, Ava (Jes Macallan) gives Gary (guest star Adam Tsekhman) the responsibility of handling the Bureau performance reviews for all the Agents. Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford, Nick Zano, Maisie Richarson-Sellers, Tala Ashe, Ramona Young also star. David Geddes directed the episode written by Ray Utarnachitt & Matthew Maala (#414). Original airdate 5/6/2019.

Arrow “7×18 – Lost Canary” HD Screen Captures

Written by abby on April 17 2019

So not only was Caity on Legends Of Tomorrow last night but she made a little stop in Arrow to help save Laurel in a great episode for all the girls on the show. I have said it before but Arrow Sara is complete different from Legends Sara and I do like Arrow Sara more she’s just not as crazy and funny and still has some of her pain that makes her so much fun to watch. Over 300 HQ Screen Captures from Arrow are up in the gallery and Legends screen captures will be up tomorrow.

– Arrow > Season 7 > HD Screen Capture > 7×18 – Lost Canary

Arrow “7×18 – Lost Canary” Sneak Peek

Written by abby on April 14 2019

Legends of Tomorrow “4×11 -Séance and Sensibility” Sneak Peek

Written by abby on April 13 2019

Legends of Tomorrow “4×11 – Séance and Sensibility” Promo

Written by abby on April 13 2019

Legends Of Tomorrow “4×10 – The Getaway” HD Screen Captures

Written by abby on April 13 2019

Sorry these are a little late on the main site it’s just the Avengers press tour so my other site has been crazy this week. But here is HD Screen Captures from this week’s all new Legends Of Tomorrow 4×10 – The Getaway enjoy!

– Legends Of Tomorrow > Season Four > HD Screen Capture > 4×10 – The Getaway

Legends of Tomorrow “4×10 – The Getaway” Sneak Peek

Written by abby on April 06 2019

Legends of Tomorrow “4×10 – The Getaway” Promo

Written by abby on April 06 2019

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